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Follower Eqiupment
Hi guys, if you want to put equipment on the garrison followers, don't do it because the function doesn't work.( The equipment disappears after you put it on.)
Server machine moving to new location
Hi all I will be moving with the server and the ISP to a new location.  From September 26. from 09:00 the server will be shutting down and moved to the new location. The moving can take days but i can't give you any ETA when will be everything online.…
Heroncore Bfa PTR Realm will be offline indefinitely.
Hi all, as of today the bfa ptr realm will remain offline indefinitely to allow the team to catch up on the backlog of bugfixes. Thank you for your understanding and the Heron Server team wishes you a good game. 
Heroncore Bfa PTR Realm Open!!!!!
Hi everyone, the time has come to officially open our bfa ptr realm today. We wish everyone a good game and good bug reporting.
Bfa Realm Info Part 2 and Ptr realm Opening Date(2023.07.06)
AllFlightPaths InstantFlightPaths function will be activated during the Ptr Realm period. The solocraft feature will also be added to this realm. The rates in the ptr realm will be: xp rate:10x Kill xp rate:5x Explore xp rate:5x Item drop…
Bfa Realm Some Info
Hi everyone, today I will share some information about the upcoming bfa realm. The bfa realm will be launched in ptr as there are still some bugs that will be worth fixing before the live realm. There will be no items available in the webshop…
Source bug fixed. Server Online Again!
 Hi everyone, today we finally managed to officially fix the bug that caused the server to be down for a couple of days, the update was successful so the legion server is available again. The Heron Server team wishes you a good game.
Server Maintenance
Hi, the server will be unavailable for 5 hours due to maintenance thank you for your understanding.
Mythic + changes
Hi guys on Friday we made a few changes to the mythic+. From now on, if you go into mythic+ yourself you don't need to create a premade group beforehand, just set the dungeon difficulty to mythic in the header. However, when a run is over,…
Heron Launcher Update
Today we updated our launcher. The Launcher was updated to These are the important changes:                - Updated the Visual              …
Heron Launcher New Minimal Client!!
Hi guys, it's been a long time since there has been a post, but it doesn't mean that we are not developing our Legion server. This week we added a new minimal client to our launcher which we will host from now on. At the same time the minimal…
Happy New Year and some info.
Hi everyone, a little late but on behalf of the Heron Server team I wish you all a Happy New Year. The team has decided to extend the boost promotion that we started on December 24th due to a website bug so the promotion will end on January…
Progressive Realm gone. All patch available.
Hi, in the last few days I noticed that there are a lot of bugs on the server related to class halls.   So today I decided to drop the progressive realm thread and make all content available from today.   However, don't worry…