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Domain Change!
Hi there,   in the upcoming months we will move the server to our new domain From today we will slowly migrating all our services to the new domain.  For now only the web and launcher will be moved to the…
Crash Fixes
Hello for the next 2 hours the server will be unavailable we will check for ongoing crashes and try to fix it during this time the server will be available but players will not be able to connect to any realm. Once we are done with the fixing we will let…
Some News!!
Hello guys Ashran World PvP Zone has also been improved and is now available on both realms. There are still some missing npc-s but they will be fixed continuously. A bit of info as I saw the low rate realm has become quite inactive so the team…
Arena and Battlegrounds News
Hi guys, today we have tested the pvp system for both realms for 1v1 arena, we created a npc(PvP Match Maker) in Dalaran and you can find him in Krasus Landing, with this npc you can create 1v1 matches and start pvp on the server. You can start…
New Legion Realm!!
Hi guys, today after a few days of testing we want to open a 2nd realm which will work as a blizzlike realm.